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1821 - Middle School Language Arts - 5-8
1822 - Middle School Mathematics - 5-8
1823 - Middle Schoo Science - 5-8
1824 - Middle School Social Studies - 5-8

a. Authorization. The holder of this endorsement is authorized to teach in the two concentration areas in which the specific requirements have been completed as well as in other subject areas in grades five through eight which are not the core content areas. The holder is not authorized to teach art, industrial arts, music, reading, physical education and special education.

b. Program requirements.

(1) Be the holder of a currently valid Iowa teacher’s license with either the general elementary endorsement or one of the subject matter secondary level endorsements.
(2) A minimum of nine semester hours of required coursework in the following:
1. Coursework in the growth and development of the middle school age child, specifically addressing the social, emotional, physical and cognitive characteristics and needs of middle school age children in addition to related studies completed as part of the professional education core.
2. Coursework in middle school design, curriculum, instruction, and assessment including, but not limited to, interdisciplinary instruction, teaming, and differentiated instruction in addition to related studies completed as part of the professional education core.
3. Coursework to prepare middle school teachers in literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking) strategies for students in grades five through eight and in methods to include these strategies throughout the curriculum.
4. Thirty hours of middle school field experiences included in the coursework requirements
c. Concentration areas. To obtain this endorsement, the applicant must complete the coursework requirements in two of the following content areas:
(1) Social studies concentration. The social studies concentration requires 12 semester hours of coursework in social studies to include coursework in United States history, world history, government and geography.
(2) Mathematics concentration. The mathematics concentration requires 12 semester hours in mathematics to include coursework in algebra.
(3) Science concentration. The science concentration requires 12 semester hours in science to include coursework in life science, earth science, and physical science.
(4) Language arts concentration. The language arts concentration requires 12 semester hours in language arts to include coursework in composition, language usage, speech, young adult literature, and literature across cultures.