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Standard, Master, PSL, & Administrator Renewal Information

For renewals, Iowa accepts licensure renewal credits from an approved Iowa provider such as the AEA system, ISEA, PEI, Iowa Safe Schools, MISIC, or undergraduate or graduate college credits from a regionally-accredited institution. If you choose an out-of-state program, college semester hour credits must be earned (not CEUs or staff development).  Accreditation may be checked here. Credits need to be earned after the issue date of the current license, or be no more than five years old if the license is expired. Credits should be relevant to education or an endorsement area.

For educators currently serving in an Iowa school district, one renewal credit per renewal cycle may be earned through verification of the successful completion of an individualized professional development plan as verified by the supervising licensed evaluator.

In the online application applicants will upload a copy of their individualized professional development plan. The plan should minimally including specific goal(s), planned activities, alignment to building/district goals, alignment to the Iowa teaching standards, data collected, and how the goal impacted student learning.

  • Make sure the IPDP is signed by a licensed evaluator and the educator before it is uploaded to the application.
  • The plan must be completed. (Plans in the middle of an academic year are not applicable because they have not been completed; submit previous years plan to receive one credit).
  • The plan must be completed during the term of the current license.


If you served as a cooperating teacher, you will need to get an official certificate from the college showing how many credits were earned (maximum of 2). 

  • 1/2 credit may earned by serving as a cooperating teacher for practicum students for 90 hours
  • 1 credit credit may earned by serving as a cooperating teacher for practicum students for 180 hours
  • 1/2 credit may be earned by by serving as a cooperating teacher for a student teacher for 1/2 semester
  • 1 credit may be earned by serving as a cooperating teacher for a student teacher for 1 full semester



Educators who participate in a micro-externship will be able to earn one renewal credit per experience. 

The micro-externship is a content-related externship work experience pre-approved by the employing school district. This externship will first need to be approved by a school administrator. The workplace learning coordinator should also be informed of the externship (if the district has such a position).  A minimum of 40 hours of micro-externship experience are required for this renewal credit. Renewal credits may not be earned if college credits are earned for the same experience.

Click here to view the micro-externship renewal credit form.

Printed from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website on November 21, 2019 at 1:53am.