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Class E - Emergency Extension (Administrator)

Hold a Class A Extension or Administrator Exchange license, and need one final extension to meet the renewal or coursework requirements. Coursework progress during the term of the Class A Extension or Administrator Exchange license, proof of registration in additional coursework, and administrator signature is required.

Class A - Extension

Hold an initial or professional administrator license, and need more time to meet the renewal or conversion requirements


Hold an Iowa teaching license and complete the required evaluator training.

Administrator Exchange - Out of State Applicants

Complete the requirements for the initial administrator license and hold an administrator license in the state where the program was completed. Coursework deficiencies were identified after a BoEE transcript evaluation.

Professional Administrator

One year serving as an administrator in an Iowa public school, or two years in an accredited private or out-of-state setting.

Usually an Initial Administrator or Administrator Exchange holder converts to the Professional Administrator.

Initial Administrator

  1. Hold or be eligible for an Iowa teaching license.
  2. Verify three years of teaching experience.
  3. Completion of the requirements for an administrative endorsement.
  4. Completion of a master’s degree. 

Printed from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website on July 16, 2020 at 8:41am.