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Add an Endorsement to a License

After the issuance of a teaching, administrative, or school service personnel license, an individual may add other endorsements to that license upon proper application, provided current requirements for that endorsement, as listed in 282-13.26 and 282-13.28, have been met.

An updated license with expiration date unchanged from the original or renewed license will be prepared.

To add an endorsement, the applicant must follow one of these options:

Option 1. Receive the Iowa teacher education institution’s recommendation that the current approved program requirements for the endorsement have been met.

Option 2. Receive verification from the Iowa teacher education institution that the minimum state requirements for the endorsement have been met in lieu of the institution’s approved program.

Option 3. Receive verification from a state approved and regionally accredited institution that the Iowa minimum requirements for the endorsement have been met.

Option 4. Apply for a review of the transcripts by the Board of Educational Examiners’ staff to determine if all Iowa requirements have been met. The applicant must submit documentation that all of the Iowa requirements have been met by filing transcripts and supporting documentation for review. The fee for the transcript evaluation is $60 for each new endorsement requested. This fee shall be in addition to the fee for adding the endorsement.

Requirements for Specific Teaching Endorsements 

Printed from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website on May 19, 2019 at 6:39am.