School Business Official Authorization

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  1. If I am employed before July 1, 2012, when is the latest date I can apply for the SBO authorization and still be grandfathered in?
    •Up until the BEDs report has been closed for the fiscal year 2013 (Fall 2012 BEDS)
  2. If I am hired prior to July 1 but don’t start the position until after July 1, what application do I fill out?
    •Initial (first day of employment means first day on the job)
  3. When will the application for the Initial and Temporary School Business Official be put on the BOEE website?
    •June 26th
  4. Will the person that is the SBO of each school be reported on BED’s?
  5. If I do not get hired before July 1, 2012, what type of license can I apply for?
    • Associates degree in business or accounting (which includes 9 hours of accounting)
    • OR 60 semester hours of coursework in business or accounting (which includes 9 hours of accounting)
    •Temporary Initial
    • Associates degree in business or accounting (which includes 6 hours of accounting)
    • OR 60 semester hours of coursework in business or accounting (which includes 6 hours of accounting)
  6. What application should a person fill out if they are hired and don’t meet the requirements for an Initial or Temporary Initial Authorization?
    •Not eligible for any license if you do not meet the above requirements
  7. How long are the authorizations good for?
    • Standard is good for 3 years
      • The School Business Official Authorization is valid for 3 years plus the time to the last day of your birth month from July 1, 2012
      • For example: if your birthday is in March and you apply in June, you would have 3 years and 8 months
    • Initial is good for 2 years
      • (from date of employment)
    • Temporary is good for 1 year
      • (from date of employment)
      • Note: If the applicant received a temporary school business official authorization, then the initial school business official authorization shall not exceed one year
  8. What do I have to do to renew my Authorization?
    •Standard - Complete 4 semester hours of credit or the equivalent contact hours (1 semester hour is equivalent to 15 contact hours) within three years with a minimum of 1 semester hour or its equivalent completed during each year of the authorization
  9. What do I need to do to convert my license?
    • Initial to a Standard
      • Completion of approved school business authorization program
      • This must be done within 2 years from the date of employment
      • Please see statute below:
      • Applicants must complete 9 semester hours or the equivalent (1 semester hour is equivalent to 15 contact hours) in an approved program in the following areas/competencies:
      • Accounting (GAAP) concepts: fund accounting, account codes, Uniform Financial Accounting.
      • Accounting cycles: budgets, payroll/benefits, purchasing/inventory, cash, receipts, disbursements, financial reporting, investments.
      • Technology: management of accounting systems, proficiency in understanding and use of systems technology and related programs.
      • Regulatory: Uniform Administrative Procedures Manual, school policies and procedures, administrative procedures, public records law, records management, school law, employment law, construction and bidding law.
      • Personal skills: effective communication and interpersonal skills, ethical conduct, information management, ability to analyze and evaluate, ability to recognize and safeguard confidential information, and accurate and timely performance.
      • (2)
      • Applicants shall demonstrate completion of or competency in the following:
      • A board of educational examiners ethics program.
      • A mentoring program as described in 281—Chapter 81.
      • The promotion of the value of the school business official’s fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayer.
    • Temporary Initial to Initial
      • Complete 3 hours in accounting
      • And completion of approved school business authorization program
      • Note: Temporary Initial cannot be renewed only converted.
  10. Can an instructor get renewal credit for teaching a course?
    •The Board of Educational Examiners has not granted any type of credit for teaching a class in the past
  11. Can someone get an Initial Authorization without having a SBO job and start taking the courses through the academy? How would the academy deal with the mentoring piece?
    •No (must have a job)
  12. Are college credits accepted for renewal of the SBO Authorization?
    •Yes, but it is recommended that the credit hours are aligned with the standards and criteria included in the Initial SBO program.
  13. Can I start an SBO program without a job?
    •No, although our rules do not prevent this, check with the program offering the SBO class.
  14. Who can I take renewal credits from?
    •Renewal credits will be offered by several BoEE renewal programs.
    •An approved list will be put on our website at
    •A list of currently approved courses can be found at Iowa Association of School Business Officials site (look on home page for a link to Renewal Courses)