Please Read Carefully Before Proceeding:

If you update your address, phone number, etc., You MUST click "Save Changes" (at the top of the page) or the updates that you entered will not be saved.
Some information can't be updated by you online. For name change information, see this link. For other information, please call or email.

You are now able to renew

a Standard Teaching License
(Formerly called an Educational License)

or a Master Educator License
(Formerly called a Professional License)

or a Professional Service License online.


Before you begin this process, you need to have in front of you official transcripts showing the credits you will be using to renew your license.

If you are working under a one year license extension, you are not able to renew online. If the system mistakenly allows you to renew your extension online you will be charged a late fee that you do not owe!

Administrators should NOT use this feature if they are not teaching and are renewing an expired teaching license. You may be charged a late fee that you do not owe!

To renew these or any other type of license by mail , click here to download an application form.
Note that your appliction may be selected for audit, and you will then have to mail in official transcripts and a mandatory reporter of child and dependent adult abuse certificate.

Acceptable Renewal Credits

Only two types of credit may be used for renewal of a license:

Semester hours of college credit from a regionally accredited college or university

Iowa Licensure Renewal credits from an approved Iowa provider

All credits used for renewal must be relevant to your career in education!

Exception - ONE TIME ONLY: four (4) renewal credits may be earned for achievement of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification - NBPTS.

You may not renew online if you are verifying professional activities for one renewal credit.  You must mail in the appropriate documentation.

Course Numbers/Titles/etc:

If the course number is listed on your transcript, enter that number where requested. If the course number is NOT listed, then enter "000" (without the quotation marks.) If the course number or title will not "fit" in the entry boxes, please abbreviate as best you can and we will contact you if we have questions.

The Institution entry box is for the name of the organization that issues the transcript - not the location of the class.

Do Not use your browser's back button. Only use the buttons on the page to navigate.


If you provide false or misleading information, this may constitute fraud and a violation of professional practice. A complaint will be filed which could lead to the suspension or revocation of your license.


Check carefully to see that you were charged the correct amount BEFORE submitting your application!
Your total should equal
The License Fee ($85)
Background Check Fee($1)
Credit Card Fee($3)
Late Fee ($25/mo.)
If you are being charged a late fee that you do not owe, CANCEL your application and submit a paper application.


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