Substitute License/Authorization

The following are links to our online Frontline Applitrack system. For technical issues with this system, you can use this link for help.

You can use this link to access incomplete/unsubmitted applications if you don't have the email the system sent when you started. Use the following to start a new application:



Substitute License (Iowa Institution Teacher Preparation or Previously Iowa Licensed Teacher)
(Instructions here)

Substitute License (Out of State Teacher Preparation and NOT Previously Iowa Licensed)
(Instructions here)

Substitute Authorization (Non-Teacher Prep Bachelor's Degree combined with training - usually Sub Auth course)
(Instructions here) Use this application only if you hold a Bachelor's Degree

Paraeducator Substitute Authority (Add Substitute to your existing Para Certification)
(Use paper form) Use this application if you do not hold a Bachelor's Degree, you do hold a Para Certification, and were trained at an Iowa AEA or similarly sepecialized program.