Administrator License

for technical issues with the Applitrack system
to sign in to the Applitrack system after you have started an application
to view current license information

Be sure you know what licenses you already have. Do not apply for a new license if you should renew instead. Check your expiration date! BoEE administrative rule 282-20.3(6) states that a license may only be renewed less than one year before it expires. If we receive the application too early, the application will not be processed and the fee will not be refunded. 282—20.3 (272) Renewal of licenses. 20.3(6) Timely renewal. A license may only be renewed less than one year before it expires.

Use the following to start a new application. If this is your first time using our Applitrack system you will "START" your application. If you have already used our Applitrack system you will "LOGIN" to your existing account.

Administrator License (Out of State Preparation)

  • Instructions
  • Do not add Evaluator License to your application - it is included in this license
  • Upload ALL transcripts (BA, MA, EdS, etc.)
  • Principal recommendation will also be required if applying for Superintendent

Evaluator Approval License

  • Instructions
  • Must have taken iEvaluate course
  • This authority is included in other Administrator Licenses and shouldn't be added if applying for Admin License
  • If you hold an "Initial" license you are not eligible for this yet.