Expediting Applications Information:

All applications are processed in the order received.  You cannot submit your online application until all the classes are completed and the required documents are uploaded.  However, since the background check involves up to 7 different items/lists/other agencies, you can start part of this process early for your first license. 

Submitting fingerprints and paying early prepares your application to be issued very quickly once it is submitted, depending on the volume of applications we have.  This will prevent your application from being delayed.  Submitting your fingerprints early DOES NOT move your application ahead of applicants who submitted before you.  We process all applications in the order received.

Additionally, there are many things you can do (or fail) to do which will significantly delay the process. 

Be aware that processing can can 6-8 weeks are there are occasions (usually due to a common name) when there is nothing the applicant can do to speed this time up. 

Also, be aware that the temporary coaching permits are now automatically issued and do not require admin/AD recommendations.  So, requests from others on behalf of a third party will only delay the process for all applicants. 

The following is a recommended order you should follow if you are in a hurry:

  1. FIRST-TIME APPLICATIONS (requiring the fingerprint background check)


Your license will process fastest when your fingerprint have been received by us BEFORE you hit the final submit button.  We cannot issue anything until we receive your fingerprints and fees which can be sent to us even BEFORE you complete the coursework and submit your application. Submitting an incomplete application only slows up processing time. Complete the following 5 steps IN ORDER:

1.  Start the online application and read everything carefully:
2.  Pay the fees online.
3.  Send us the fingerprint cards ASAP after paying (allow 2-3 days for us to receive them)

*** The first three listed above can be completed even before the coursework is finished or any transcripts are uploaded.  
***If you do not submit your application within 60 days, you will be sent a reminder e-mail.
***You can ignore this reminder as long as you submit the application within a one year period.

After the coursework is finished:
4.  Upload the transcripts, coursework, concussion certificate, HS diploma (if under 20 years old), mandatory reporter
certificates (for transitional coaching authorizations).
5.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the very last page of the application and HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON.  
6. If a temporary permit is issued because the FBI is the only outstanding item, the applicant will be sent an e-mail which needs
to be provided to the school official since these are not available as public record.  
7. Once the license is issued, the applicant is notified via e-mail and it is public record available at www.boee.iowa.gov
8. Be aware that the most common cause for a license to be delayed is the failure to disclose violations other than parking or
speeding.  If you receive an e-mail letting you know Iowa Courts Online records do not match your disclosure statement(s)
than please allow 6-8 weeks.  
9. ANYTIME- anything is missing or inaccurate, the application will be “unsubmitted.” When this happens, an e-mail is sent to
the applicant letting them know what is incorrect.  At this time, the applicant needs to make any correction(s) then resubmit. 
Resubmitting places the application back in line so it is important that the application is read of carefully as it is being
completed.  (additional information for coaching authorizations)


The coaching authorization is the only stand-alone renewable coaching license.  These renewals are ONLY completed through our online applications below.

Important information for renewals:

  1. These are processed ONLY in the order received.
  2. Applicants are notified via email if the license is renewed.
  3. If the application is incomplete, the applicant is notified via e-mail and it is unsubmitted at that time.  It will need resubmitted.  So make sure you read and submit a complete application the first time.
  4. A common mistake is that the application is not submitted.  Confirmation of payment IS NOT A SUBMITTE APPLICATION.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom the last page and hit the final submit button. 

(additional information for coaching authorization renewals)




I am aware of the license type I want to apply for and am ready to begin my online application.