Talented and Gifted Questions


1. What is the holder of the TAG endorsement authorized to do?

The holder of the talented and gifted endorsement is authorized to serve as a teacher or a coordinator of programs for the gifted and talented from the prekindergarten level through grade twelve. This authorization does not permit general classroom teaching at any level except that level or area for which the holder is eligible or holds the specific endorsement.


2. What are the endorsement requirements?

Completion of twelve semester hours of TAG course work to include

(1)Psychology of the gifted.

A.Social needs.

B. Emotional needs.

(2)Programming for the gifted.

A.Prekindergarten-12 identification.

B.Differentiation strategies.

C.Collaborative teaching skills.

D.Program goals and performance measures.

E.Program evaluation.

(3)Practicum experience in gifted programs.


3. Will teachers in specific subject areas (i.e. science, math, history) be required to hold this endorsement if they teach gifted students in their respective endorsement areas?



4. How do I add the TAG endorsement to my teaching license?

Once you have completed the program, the college official will fill out an application recommending you for the endorsement. The application to add an endorsement is included on our website:  http://www.boee.iowa.gov/chooseendorsement.html

If a college official is not able to recommend you for the endorsement, you may submit the checklist verifying how you believe you have met the requirements.  The checklist is included on our website:  http://www.boee.iowa.gov/addition.html#t


5. How many hours must I complete for a conditional license?

You must complete 6 semester hours in TAG in order to obtain the Class B two-year conditional license. Send in the application for the Class B conditional license, your official transcripts and fee. You may obtain the Class B conditional application from our website:  http://www.boee.iowa.gov/ChooseClassBC.html

 If you have completed less than 6 semester hours in TAG, you may apply for an administrative decision license.  You may obtain the administrative decision license application from our website:  http://www.boee.iowa.gov/ChooseClassBC.html


6. Are any teachers "grandfathered in" who will not need to obtain this endorsement to teach talented and gifted students?

Beginning July 1, 2012, any teacher who teaches in programs for the talented and gifted must hold the endorsement on a full Iowa teaching license, a Class B conditional license or an administrative decision license.