Helpful Advice on BEDS Reporting

1. Don’t use 5000 numbers for teaching assignments. Those are administrative assignments

2. Avoid using assignment codes that include the word “other” such as social studies –other. Try to find the closest match to the curriculum delivered.

3. 0204 Keyboard is listed under business. Use 0301 Computer instead to indicate that computer skills are being taught and this is not a business credit. Also, don’t use 6025 Tech Ed for elementary computers. Use 0301 instead.

4. Don’t use 1195-Fine & Performing Arts-too broad of a term

5. Don’t use the international baccalaureate options-Iowa doesn’t have this program

6. For the general elementary teacher, use 6004 self contained. Use this number also if teaching in grades 5 and 6 in a middle school or junior high setting.

7. Don’t use departmental 6006 or team teaching 6005.

8. Don’t use Title VI math and reading-Iowa doesn’t have this program

9. Don’t use a heading as a staff assignment number

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